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Practice Areas

We pride ourselves on being experts in telecommunication law. 
But most of our clients are also engage in businesses in variety of areas. 
Therefore,  MGA’s practice is as broad and diverse as our clients demand.  
Telecommunication and ICT Law



MGA’s Telecommunications & Technology Regulatory Practice is the core practice area of the firm. Our firm has deep roots in every aspect of the competitive telecommunications industry and represents clients in all facets of the business, from advancing technology to the development of communications infrastructures, to regulation, corporate structure and finance. Over the years, our attorneys have represented all segments of the competitive communications industry, from local to long distance to international, cable, wireless technology, prepaid communications service providers, Internet service providers, emerging technologies, Voice over Internet Protocol, competitive specialized information solution providers, technology manufacturers and other clients employing both traditional and innovative technologies. MGA’s Telecommunications & Technology Practice is divided into several working types through which our attorneys are able to provide targeted advice and focused services.



We have represented almost all competitive telecommunications and enhanced services providers throughout the nation, on both domestic and international matters.



Accumulating years of hands-on experience, MGA has honed its proficiency in efficiently and cost-effectively navigating the complexities of obtaining required licenses and managing peripheral filings for our clients in the telecommunications sector. This expertise extends to supporting diverse communications enterprises, encompassing resold or facilities-based long distance, competitive local exchange, international services, and prepaid calling solutions. The adept attorneys at MGA bring a wealth of experience to the table, successfully preparing and filing registrations, license applications, and tariffs in jurisdictions that mandate such filings for all telecommunications service providers. Backed by a robust understanding of telecommunications rules and regulations, as well as an extensive library of sample applications and tariffs, our firm is well-equipped to meet the unique needs of virtually any client operating in the dynamic telecommunications landscape.



Our firm also offers compliance audits. We analyze client operations to determine potential compliance deficiencies and weaknesses. Through a compliance audit, we can develop a targeted compliance plan to ensure that our clients’ operations remain in full regulatory compliance.




With the ever-changing nature of regulations and laws associated with operating in the complex communications landscape, professional legal opinions are valuable tools for management. Our firm reviews the rules of the road and develops professional legal opinions to help management navigate through the maze with a greater sense of comfort.




  • Commercial Law & Contracts – With the ever-changing nature of regulations and laws associated with operating in the complex communications landscape, professional legal opinions are valuable tools for management. Our firm reviews the rules of the road and develops professional legal opinions to help management navigate through the maze with a greater sense of comfort.MGA is experienced with all commercial law aspects of the telecommunications industry and frequently performs contract reviews and analysis, carrier-carrier, supplier-carrier, and customer-carrier contract negotiations and more.


  • Merger & Acquisition Authority & Customer Base Transfers – MGA prepares requisite applications and supporting documentation necessary to obtain regulatory merger and acquisition authority. Our attorneys literally "wrote the rules" on carrier-to-carrier customer base transfers.





Where administrative action has been insufficient to satisfy the clients' needs or when overly-zealous regulators investigate or seek sanctions against our clients, our firm has litigated a variety of Indonesian and international telecommunications law matters in court.




General Business and Corporate Law



Our attorneys represent clients at all stages of their business development and activity from formation to governance, business dealings and transactions, compliance and reporting, state and local taxation and various levels of capital formation. Because we have long practiced in industry sectors that feature skewed playing fields and cut-throat competition, such as the hyper-competitive telecommunications & high-tech industries, we know how to counsel not only to survive, but also to thrive. We have built a solid reputation for being personally dedicated to providing the highest degree of professional commitment to meeting the diverse business and corporate needs of our clients in a cost-effective manner.




The form of entity or business structure selected for the conduct of a business greatly impacts the daily operations of the business, as well as the tax and liability consequences to both the business and its owners. The business structure and business organization attorneys at MGA assist business clients and entrepreneurs with this step of business formation by reviewing the goals and individual facts present in each situation to recommend the best entity and the different options available under each corporate structure. We provide sound legal advice to clients in the following areas (listed alphabetically): Business formation (selection of structure, type of entity and choice of jurisdiction)Medical Law Corporate Joint Ventures Corporate law and governance issues Dissolution and liquidation Employment contracts, and employment rights and obligations and immigration issues Franchising General and limited partnerships Limited liability companies and limited liability partnershipsPrivate placement memorandums Shareholder agreements and stock option agreements




Contract interpretation begins with the plain language of the contract. Whether dealing with the offer, terms of acceptance, or consideration rendered, our attorneys handle all of the contract drafting and negotiation needs of our clients. Our contract attorneys have experience with a wide variety of commercial agreements (listed alphabetically): Asset acquisition agreements Arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute agreements Distributor and Supplier Agreements Buy and Sell Agreements Employment Agreements Franchise agreementsInternet and e-commerce agreements Leasing agreements (premises, equipment, vehicle) Joint venture and strategic alliance agreements Licensing agreements (copyright, software, technology)Network agreements (construction, operations) Partnership agreements (general, limited, limited liability) Regulatory contracts (mandated requirements, consent decrees, assurances of voluntary compliance) Stock Purchase Agreements Tariffs (contract and general)




Our firm prides itself on providing its corporate and business clients with sound legal advice targeted at risk management, business planning, and other proactive measures designed to avoid or minimize the effects of litigation. Risk management is an area that aims to protect business assets and profits by reducing the potential for litigation and loss before it occurs, and by financing, through insurance and other means, potential risks to catastrophic loss. Our risk management and business planning attorneys assist clients with the following: Risk Assessment – Identify and quantify liability and the potential exposure that threatens the assets and profitability of a business, corporation, or partnership. Loss Control & Prevention – Reduce the frequency and severity of loss through preventative measures such as innovative solutions, insurance, internal audits, regulatory guidance and tax planning. Risk Transfer – Shift the financial burden of loss through business structure, business organization, and insurance coverage so that, in the event of a catastrophe, an organization can continue to function * Risk Monitoring - monitor and assess existing risk and future liability.




We represent debtors, creditors, a interested parties in bankruptcy cases and out-of-court workouts, including:Buyers and sellers of troubled businessesDefendants in preference and fraudulent conveyance litigationAdministrative, unsecured, and secured creditors



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