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Founder and Managing Partner

Ms. Fera Marlina, a distinguished alumna of the Faculty of Law at the University of Indonesia, Class of 2000, stands as the founder and managing partner of MGA. With a wealth of legal expertise, she has become a trusted advisor, specializing in guiding clients through the intricacies of entity formation and business structures. Ms. Fera's proficiency extends across diverse industries, including telecommunications, shipping, project finance, banking, energy, financial services, manufacturing, and technology. Her extensive experience is evidenced by her adept negotiation, drafting, and review of a wide array of agreements and contracts. Notably, Ms. Fera has played a pivotal role in facilitating the growth of several multinational clients, navigating them through the dynamic business landscape via strategic initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, debt and equity financing, and joint ventures. Her commitment to excellence and comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies make Ms. Fera Marlina an esteemed figure in the legal and business realms.


She speaks Bahasa and English.


She can be reached at:

Founder and Partner

Mr. Gura, a distinguished legal professional, proudly earned his degree from the University of Indonesia in the year 2000, embarking on a notable career journey within the realm of law. Specializing in the intersection of law and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), he adeptly navigates the complexities of legal frameworks governing the digital landscape. With a keen focus on handling clients within the ICT business, Mr. Gura seamlessly blends his legal acumen with a deep understanding of technological nuances. His strategic counsel not only ensures legal compliance but also fosters robust and mutually beneficial client relationships. Mr. Gura stands out not only as a seasoned lawyer but as a trailblazer in harmonizing legal expertise with the dynamic challenges of the ever-evolving ICT sector.


He speaks Bahasa Indonesia and English

He can be reached at:

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