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Our Team

Our attorneys are trained and dedicated to provide you with the valuable intangibles only true professionals can provide: commitment, innovative analysis, strategic thinking, and bold advocacy. Our innovative brand of legal representation shows you how to master the opportunities that generate your business.


MGA consists of lawyers who understand very well their responsibility towards their clients. In all aspects of their activities they are driven by the rules of professional ethics and the confidentiality of the attorney–client privilege.



We provide sharply focused, cost-effective legal and regulatory counsel to businesses, entrepreneurs, and the imaginative individuals that drive the world's economy. Our uncompromising goal is to help position our clients to take advantage of competitive opportunities and ward off competitive threats so that they may provide their increasingly diverse array of traditional, advanced and hybrid communications and technology products and services to the public. But our firm is more than just a technology-oriented firm. The skills developed representing our core clientele are applied in our representation of a diverse base of businesses and individuals.


Using a team approach, we draw upon our broad base of expertise to provide our clients with high-quality, cost-effective legal advice tailored to their particular needs. Our breadth of expertise, together with our years of experience helping emerging companies throughout their growth cycles, enables us to anticipate both future opportunities and potential challenges before they arise. We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your corporate team and building long-term relationships based on our ability to integrate our services seamlessly into the fabric of your business.



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